Thursday, October 18, 2007


Where does all the stuff come from???

I have a room in my house that used to serve as a sort of guest room, but we rarely have guests so I thought what is the point? Well, there are those occasional times I ban hubby from our room to teach him a lesson, but that isn't too often (good for us!). So I turned it into a craft room/workout (aren't treadmills great places to dry sweaters!) room. I did buy a small sofa that has a twin size pull out bed just in case we have that rare guest.

What I can't figure out is where all the extra crap comes from. I look around and I know it is all stuff I bought so it no one's fault but my own. I either have to stop shopping (ok, the name of my blog is "Just 1 More Coach Bag" do you really think I'm going to stop shopping???) or get organized....somehow.

I've decided the closet is a great storage area, but the current closet organizer is just crap. It was here when we moved in and I'm not sure it was even meant to be a closet organizer. All the pieces are cut to fit, but not in a custom more of a let's just use this and see what happens way.

Removing the current organizer and installing a new one is a task I've decide I can do myself. My plan is to have it done before Thanksgiving. By the time I'm done, I plan to have one side for craft storage and the other for all my purses (surprise, huh?) and some office filing and supplies.

Wish me luck!

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