Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The mind of a 7 year old...

So far today began with a typical morning. We ran around the house rushing to get ready and no doubt forgetting to do a few things along the way. It is usually just Jake and I so you would think it would be a fairly simple process. I generally trust him to put on all the clothes I lay out for him and to get his snacks together for the day. There have been issues in the past with him leaving on his pajamas and just putting on his clothes over top of them. In fact, if you look closely at his pre-school photo when he was 4 you will see 2 t-shirt collars. This was because he left on the shirt he slept in and just kept getting dressed. One day when I picked him up he told me he was really hot all day. I asked him why only to have him pull up his pant leg and show me his flannel pajama bottoms!

This morning in the car on our 10 mile drive to school (he goes to a private school half way between our home and my work), he informs that he wants to be a worker for a boss. I say ok, why is that? He says, well I like to travel alot and a worker gets to buy his own lunch. (HMMMM....ok, this is how the 7 year old mind works, huh?) So I go on to ask why don't you want to be the boss? He says, well all they do is have to talk to people all day saying hi, hi, hi, how are you, ok you can start tomorrow(I am doing everything I can to not laugh out loud at this point so he doesn't think I don't take him seriously). I said so you want to be like daddy because he has a boss and he doesn't really have to talk to people all day. He says oh yeah, I just want to be a 1 man dump truck company.(His dream at this point is to drive the coolest dump truck ever made).

I asked him where he learned about these kinds of things and of course he says, TV!

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