Tuesday, October 30, 2007

well my blog is called just 1 more Coach bag...

so I bought another one this weekend! Who could pass up 40% off at Nordstrom!!! Ok, maybe I should have passed it up. I'm a Coach junkie. It's really bad. But, I have actually given a couple to my mom.

The worst part is, I need more closet space....actually just better organized space so I will actually use them all. I tend to just use the same one for days because switching purses is such a hassle. I always leave something in the other purse-change, lip balm, sunglasses, brush, etc-and it is always that one thing I really need.

But, some of that is my fault. If I was better organized I would also pick out what I was going to wear the next day the night before and get my purse switched over before I'm trying to run out the door in the morning.

This would be the case today...I'm wearing black and gray...have an awesome Coach Legacy bag in Clay (medium gray color) and I was running late so I am carrying a light tan Legacy bag which I used yesterday (it didn't match yesterday either!).

And to top it off my pants are a little snug and my sweater is just that much too short to cover the bottom of my rear end so the tightness of the pants is visible to all.

Lovely...just lovely! (But, my purse sure is cute!)


Autumn said...

Ok Amy, that is just TOO funny! I am a huge fan of purses...I have way too many too, but not Coach bags! So, if you clean out that closet and decide to get rid of some of the Coach you aren't giving the attention it deserves, send it my way! LOL!

Autumn Christopher from the Cricut MB!

Karen said...

I totally resemble that! I recently started collecting purses because they are so darned cute but I never take the time to switch them over, either! So, get this, I'm the lady with the red purse(sooooooo cute by the way)and you are wondering if I left off a sweater or at least something else that was red but no, I just didn't take the time to change it.

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